The IHT~Way Program of Self-Help Success

Are you ready to change your world so that you feel resilient, integrous and self-caring?
Ready to change a life of discontent to one of satisfaction and gratification?  


Mastering our own mind is paramount to a life well-lived and this process shows you how!

During these unprecedented times of great uncertainty, fear and distress, it's essential we each have a voice and a way to surmount the issues at hand. Whether it feels as though this is the same-old-same-old thing that continues to show up, or that it is a current-event-provoked difficulty, it is time to take stock and move forward to positively change your life.   

At the IHT~Way, we say: 

“Isn't it time to strike an agreement with your Inner Self that you will forge ahead to continue to create your life's dreams and make them into your chosen reality?”


Whether you want more of, or less of, specific happenings in your life... Study and apply the IHT~Way teachings to suddenly and  finally, change them. You'll know with the first session if this work is for you as your life is likely to change measurably. We love to say, healthy, wealthy & awakening in just 55 minutes! And though that is a lofty statement, with the tenets given you and through self-practice, they will immeasurably change your existence.


During your comfortable and informative session, you’ll enjoy learning where you are in life by your own self-study based upon the easy-to-use preparation forms of the wheel of life. You'll be encouraged to use your mind and heart to determine where you'll be in 3, 6 & 12 months of life. 

With the IHT~Way self-intervention tasks that we call Inner~Sessions you'll be prepared to change the way you look at the formerly known as daunting issues and see the situation change right before your own eyes.

In this work you can either share with your IHT~Way Coach what your issues may be, or, keep them to yourself…for you see, this work actually works when you perform the processes with or without you revealing what your focus is.


These sessions are easy, happy, life-changing and all in 55 minutes or so. We'll meet on Zoom so we can see one another and be present for the IHT~Way Inner~Session's you will be doing.


You'll be so excited that you have considered changing your life to be just as you seek it to be! Now is the time, here is the place, and we are the team that knows how to teach you to change that issue or block into peace and joy as you leave your session armed with all you need to change any and all situations of pain, doubt and fear. 
I invite you to read our IHT~Way practitioner Coaches biographies and make an appointment with the one with whom you are called to work. 


For there's no time like the present. It is far better to do something now than to leave it for later, in which case it likely will never get done.
Come, join us, and see what your remarkable future has in store for you!   

Meet The Practitioners

Zhaddi (Tricia) DeFelice, CHSSF Certified Practitioner, IHT~Way Certified, IHT~Way Practitioner

Zhaddi (the healer formerly known as Tricia), graduated from American University with a BA in International Communication and Business.  Following her success of 25 years in corporate training, Zhaddi decided to take her training to a more personal level and began studying Quantum Mind Solutions for a Remarkable Life with Aneeahseah at the Invincible Heart Traditions. She has been Studying the IHT Way since 2004 and has been applying the techniques to her life and mastering personal levels of Quantum~Mind & Spiritual Evolution, focusing in the areas of physical, mental and emotional mastery. She successfully uses the techniques of the IHT Way, on a moment-to-moment to daily basis, to break through blocks and to create the life she adores.After Graduating from the IHT~Way Coaching program, Zhaddi now offers to others the life changing wisdom, knowledge and trainings she uses to live her life of ultimate joy in all she does, to help all who seek their freedom, by accomplishing their own dreams and desires.

Zhaddi's history: A Reiki Master since 1997, Zhaddi recently graduated and was ordained as a Creation Healer in a companion course to her IHT~Way Studies called Creation Healing, the Soul’s Supreme Flight. (CHSSF)  CHSSF brings Zhaddi’s energy work applications to a supreme level of focused and life changing energetic healing. These healing applications provide quite the valuable companion to the superbly focused mind techniques of the IHT Way for an exquisitely high level energetic and mind healing package.

Zhaddi looks forward to working with you to assist you in breaking through your blocks and to making your dreams a reality as you experience the power of the IHT~Way.  Scheduling appointments will begin by Mid August to September 2021. Watch for our announcements.  See "click here" button below to book your life-changing time with Zhaddi.

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Robert Fogerite, PharmD., CHSSF Certified, IHT~Way Certified, IHT~Way Practitioner

Robert graduated from Sacred Heart University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise science. He merged his strong appreciation for science and physiology with the desire to help others heal which compelled him to pharmacy school. Robert received a Doctorate of pharmacy from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy Health Sciences in 2013. 

After a major life event/change in 2016, Robert had a massive spiritual awakening. In 2017, Robert started along a new path of study with Shaman and Quantum~Mind Spiritual Thought leader, Aneeahseah. She introduced him to the many ways of energetic & natural healing and Quantum-Mind processes such as:  The IHT~Way, QuantuMeditation (QM),  a myriad of natural healing options including nutrition (food as medicine), essential oils, supplements, and much more. He found these methods of healing and Q-M spiritual practices to bring so much transformation, vitality, and joy into his life that he decided to engage in ongoing and advanced studies with Master-Teacher of the IHT~Way, Aneeahseah. 

One of his most transformational studies with Aneeahseah consisted of the “life directions” session. He applied the teachings and guidance of these sessions to his own life and produced remarkable personal growth and results. He created and experienced new levels of self empowerment on his life journey. The straightforward yet profound methods have helped him achieve great personal and Quantum~Mind Spiritual successes. Robert has committed himself to helping others to take charge of their own journey through becoming certified as an IHT~Way Coach and practitioner.  He's ready to help you rock your world and support you in creating the perfect pathways to your success. Come join with one who has done the studies, done the work and is convinced, through experience, of the great wealth and value this work provides.

Robert is deeply inspired by the massive generosity, enthusiasm, and passion for life his teacher shares with him. He has, therefore, committed to offering the way to the very same empowerment that he has received. Dedicated to helping others take charge of their own journey while bringing great care, communication, and consistency to each coaching session, Rob stands ready to receive your call. Please click button below to book your life-changing session time with Rob.

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Shoshana Leopold, B.A, M.S., M.Ed., CHSSF Certified, IHT~Way Certified, IHT~Way Practitioner

Shoshana Leopold is an experienced educator who gratefully taught children and adults for more than 40 years, after earning graduate degrees in Plant Biology & Science Education.  She first met the Invincible Heart Traditions (IHT) when she was challenged by the need to create a joyful & rich life while in the midst of a depression arising from challenges of divorce, an empty nest & a career that was no longer satisfying.  With the strategies offered by IHT she found monumentally effective ways to create a satisfying career(Shoshana’s Healing Arts), one that she had thoughts of but barely allowed herself to dare to dream of.  As she has become a more authentic self, she has been created a loving, rich & fulfilling life.  Along the way, Shoshana has seen profound changes in her view of what is possible for herself, her clients & the well-being of all. She has learned that each of us has the ability to heal & prevent many of the difficulties & suffering that each of us have taken on as a life-sentence rather than, as the IHT~Way teaches, a life lesson.  She looks forward to helping current & future clients experience the power of the IHT~Way in helping them create their life & wellbeing just as they would like it to be!  Booking appointments beginning by Mid August to September 2021. Watch for our announcements.  Click the button below to book your life-changing time with Shoshana, now!


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