Aneeahseah’s Quantum~Mind, Remarkable Life Sessions

Healthy, Wealthy, Happy & Awakening in just one session?

Yes, at least a very happy & fast start to those states…this work causes you to stop in your tracks the issues of a lifetime that have gotten ‘under your skin’ and that have become habitual.

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Isn’t it finally time to upgrade the way you manage:

  • Chronic emotional pain & suffering?
  • Issues that seem to never go away for long?
  • Your blocks through therapy, groups, by plaguing family or community with your issues or other systems of study that just have not worked well nor been sustainable?

Are you ready to:

  • Stop being a Victim to world and local events to become the Hero You Came Here To Find??
  • Excel at tackling & ‘healing’ your OWN stuff and live the life you desire & deserve?
  • Admit that you can be and do more, right here and right now, and live the life you desire & deserve?
I Am Ready

What You Need to Know That Will Change Your Life:

This work is empirically proven, highly regarded, borne of Aneeahseah’s Near Death Experience (NDE) and her 25+ year experience in the Modern-Day Monastery-Ashram. After a disastrous young lifetime of pain & victimization, she knew there had to be another way beyond main-stream therapies. She literally died for this valuable & remarkable wisdom. By utilizing & teaching the Invincible Heart Traditions processes she has proven time and time again, that this works for any and all who will study and apply the wisdom to their lives.

Aneeahseah reminds us that “YOU do not have to have an NDE nor live a monastic lifetime in order to apply and attain the wins of this wisdom."

It’s all right here, right now, for you…calling you from your heart & soul’s true calling for a Life of Love, Light, Wisdom Applied & Freedom Gained.

For this session you’ll be sent preparation work that shows you easily what to work on. At our 55 minute, Zoom appointment you’ll be taken through an uplifting & proven system of breaking old habits & forming new ones…and this training is expertly instructed by Aneeahseah, however it’s installed by you. You leave with the training and experience necessary to reproduce the masterpiece of your inner healing, over and over again.

What Others Are Saying...

Evolution not seen in lifetimes in the span of only a few years…

"When I reflect on how far I have traveled since I first started working with Aneeahseah, I witness an evolution not seen in lifetimes in the span of only a few years. I see a person transformed on EVERY level when I look in the mirror. I credit so much to Aneeahseah’s absolute dedication to being a kind and truth sharing mirror of myself. She provides one insightful reflection after another. Combined with techniques she teaches; it yields the opportunity to create something anew with crystal clear clarity. This wisdom is her wisdom as in she lives it herself and she openly shares it with those who will hear it. I hope that you hear the call as I did and begin your journey towards knowing yourself deeper than you ever imagined was possible."

- Robert Fogerite, PharmD., Sacramento, CA

Analysis Paralysis

"After living a life of over-analyzing and anxiety, which had been compounded during the pandemic, I met Aneeahseah & began the Invincible Heart Traditions work. Thanks to that work, I now have many powerful tools that uplift me & bring me to peace."
- Stephanie T, Sacramento, CA

Once Addicted, Now Not

"My story: Though I was very successful in business & had the life many wish for, I was deeply addicted to opiates…Heroin & Morphine for 20+ years. 13 years ago now, a friend told me her spiritual healer/shaman was coming to NYC. At my appointment I found myself sharing parts of my life and psyche with her that were complex and with her Quantum~Mind work & insights I understood things though a significantly clearer lens allowing for a retention of revelations. Aneeahseah’s work also shook up my energies, reduced negativity & released positivity. Our sessions were like years of therapy and a week long spiritual retreat in a few hours time.

Now, 13 years later, and I’m pleased to say I am still clean and sober, and I am forever grateful. I regard her energy and the work we did together to be of the most profound and integral of my journey.
I hope this encourages all people who are struggling with issues to give Aneeahseah's methods and approach a solid try. No matter how big or small your issue is, take it to her elevated works: If I was able to have such a significant & life changing experience from where I was to where I am now, which is huge, you certainly can too!"

- J, NY, NY


"I just wanted to take this moment to tell you "Just how grateful I am for you coming into my life." I have grown so much, in sooo many ways when with the Grace of GOD I met you, I am so blessed. After our work, something changed inside of me... that my chest is so FULL of LOVE and GOD... It’s like nothing I have ever felt before. It blows my mind that this feeling of GRATITUDE, LOVE, PEACE, CONTENTMENT, and GOD exists on earth.. but I’m in it and its the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt... I feel God is living inside me for the very first time in my life, Amazing!"

- RP, Long Island, NY

Appreciation & Gratitude

"Dear Aneeahseah, once again I send you my appreciation! Thank you so much for all you do and have done for us! The Invincible Heart Traditions has again made clear how to put your teachings into practical practice daily as well as in the all important part of practice in the moment to moment life. I am grateful for these reminders! I love my life!"

- V.M., New Jersey

Harvard & Oxford meet Quantum~Mind, Strategies for a remarkable life

"Hi, I’ve been on a quest for something more than meets the eye for my entire life. I studied Western Philosophy at Harvard and Oxford Universities. I have seen many Spiritual Masters which lead me to my first appointment with Aneeahseah. What struck me most the first time I met with Aneeahseah was I felt like someone was telling me the Truth for the first time in my life. What I love about working with Aneeahseah is the amazing bottom line honesty that she works with and has the courage to deliver. She’s given me tools to work with that helps me in my personal life and as an artist. The more I understand my own mind, my heart & my emotional life, the more I can stay out of my own way and then be a clear channel for my writing and directing."

- CW, NY, NY

Flourishing, injury healed & joyful anticipation

"Working with Aneeahseah and the Invincible Heart Traditions has been (literally) a God-send. Six months ago I was in physical, emotional and spiritual pain, frustrated and unhappy. I have learned to treat myself with love and respect and how to create a life and a future of my own choosing. My spiritual life has flourished. My injury (for which surgery was recommended) is now healed through our work in the Quantum-Mind Solutions work. Aneeahseah is the best possible teacher and mentor and I am immeasurably grateful for her guidance and support. I awake every morning in joyful anticipation of another day filled with love and blessings."

- Colleen M., Ashland, OR
I am in! Let's do this.

If you had all the support, the love, the education, either the youth or age, health, money and resources AND you had to do something Remarkable with your life…what would YOU do? Time to ask yourself, how is that different from what you are currently doing?

Want to know what is stopping you from having what you identified?

Join us for the answers in your first Quantum~Mind, Remarkable Life Session.

They are your Life’s path…removing the blocks…moving forward on what is truly important for you.
The blocks have previously been managed as a life Sentence through therapy, processing, shaming, blaming…

Change that habit!

Learn to excel…Remember, YOU ARE THE HERO YOU CAME HERE TO FIND. Let me show you how that is true and what to do about claiming or reclaiming your Remarkable Life!

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